Senses of Kandinsky

We all have colors surrounded by. The key is to notice. A color that makes sense for you and corresponds and reflects with. Often, we are looking for something new and interesting outside, at a distance we know or available at that moment. Like colors of dawn or dusk away from home, spring or fall colors in popular destinations.

I love colors with all my soul and being. Upon this project my approach was very similar, in most cases, I looked to travel for new inspiration. 

Reading art books of world-famous painters gives me a completely new view of colors themselves and their surroundings to find them. I am fascinated by abstract painter Wasilly Kandinsky. The color with the full specter of feeling, even associations is near you daily. You may touch them almost every day. 

Just a few seconds more attention to apple, a peer who is shining under sunlight leaks I can feel Autumn's warm touch even in February.

Pomegranate carmine red color privately attracts the attention of my eyes and does not want to give it back to others.

Sparkling fresh citrus aroma slice of lemon and my eyes are opened from routine as a minimum for a short break.

Following to shapes of strawberries I can feel a sweet taste in my mouth immediately.

While all of them together dancing around with clear promises – we will go out soon!

With the light touch of ICM photography technic, I enjoyed a full palette of colors and senses.I discovered a new possibility to combine my free sketches with ICM to paint with a photo camera an abstract painting.

This project has been developed during ICMPhotoMag workshop. Here is link to workshop exhibition.