The Artist Statement

For me, photography is a conversation about what I see and feel, what I would like to say being surrounded by nature colors, and expressions of light. It is a conversation within time through centuries getting inspired by Impressionists & Abstract painter’s masterpieces and photo camera possibilities nowadays. Sometimes this is the inner conversation about my paths and what I see on this. It is a never-ending process of learning.

While taking photos I ask myself how to pick up the magic of the moment I feel when the sunlight catches this particular tree or flower? Upon finding ICM and ME photo technics, I realized that this is the language I was looking for – being able to access a secret and mystique, color vibrance, and movements of shape. It is a language that reflects the way I see the world, feel life, and want to show it to others. Life is so colorful, and the surroundings tell so many stories which I would like to pass on to others by layering images, using multi-exposure and various camera movements.