Iveta Lazdina is a fine art photographer from Latvia. Her interest in photography was raised while traveling to embed personal feelings of particular moments, moving beyond the medium's ability to reproduce reality. Iveta is inspired by abstract painters, and she works in an abstract and semi-abstract manner with ICM and multi-exposure technics. Her works are drawn to find harmony and balance between the inner and outer world.

She started her fundamental knowledge in photography in Photo Academie in Riga (Latvia). In addition, Iveta has studied art in several creative classes and International workshops.

Lazdina's images have been exhibited in several group exhibitions and published several times in ICMPhoto Magazine, LeMag online Magazine.

Her first image for a wider audience was published in the Latvian pavilion in Hannover during “Expo 2000”. It was about a waste project developed in the North Vidzeme region, where Iveta was involved and proud of. Of course, today, such a photo wouldn’t get close attention. Still, in the 2000ies, it was a significant achievement to produce and present photos of very substantial progress in Environmental management here in Latvia.