Group Exhibitions

2023, Quiet Landscape Photo Place Gallery  in Middlebury, Vermont, US 

2023, Silence PH21 Gallery  in Budapest, Hungary 

2023, Urban PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary

2023, Rhythm of the Unseen Soho Photo Gallery in New York, NY, US 

2023 Upside down PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary

2023, Sense of place Chicago Photography School  in Chicago, IL, US 

2022 International Juried Exhibition – Center for Photographic Art  in Carmel, CA, US 

2022 Abstract Rhythm & Blue Notes The Horsebridge Arts Centre  in Whitstable, Kent, UK 

2022, Shape Barcelona PH21@Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain 

2022, Undercurrent, Summer on the 7th Pop up in  Los Angeles Centre for Photography CA, US 

2022, Trees  ASMITH GALLERY in Johnson City, Texas, US

2022, Work of Earth Chicago Photography School in Chicago, IL, US 

2022, Dreams and Imaginings Photo Place Gallery  in Middlebury, Vermont, US  

2022, It’s All About the Light  SE Center for Photography Gallery  in Greenville, South Carolina, US 


2022, DODHO Magazine,  a project “The close embrace.” 

2022, ICMPHOTOMAG (ICM Photography Magazine), an article “Strokes of Time Square”

2021, ICMPHOTOMAG (ICM Photography Magazine), an article “Doing Environmentally”

2021, LEMAG (Long Exposure Photography Magazine), a project “Senses of Kandinsky.”


2022, COLORS 2022  the image “Look over,” Dodho

2022, Tree, the image “Contradictions,” A Smith Gallery 

2021, Abstract Rhythm &Blue Notes group images, Blurb

Awards & Honors

2023, Honorable mention to the image “Three,” PH21@Barcelona 

2023, Honorable mention to the image “Look over”, Chicago Photography School 

2022, Honorable mention to the image “Look over,” PH21@Barcelona

2022, Juror’s Award to the image “Let’s go lost,” SE Center for Photography Gallery