My first creative photos

Creative photography

You are very welcome to see my first creative photos. 

My start in creative photography starts by mistake...yes, exactly by mistake. I learned my camera settings and switched off camera being on multi-exposure mode. For a very big surprise for me during the next session, all my photos were "not in focus", with " ghosty"  effect, etc. At that time I had no idea that my camera Pentax K3-II always starts work with the setting where you end.

But I quickly recognize - I like a lot such different creative approaches because it is more vibrant, you may say significantly more in one image instead of just one frame.

As you may imagine I feel like "master of photography" :) after such discovery for myself.

For sure right now I am laughing about it because it is very limited creative to have 2 frames together. But it was good start as now creative photography including multi-exposure, ICM technics, more abstract photos is my preferable style and interest. Here was one more important understanding coming from these days - I always try to get the best results in the camera.

Creative photography is endless imagination and experience!