Doing Environmentally

I am honored to participate in ICM PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE Special Environmental Issue (November) with my story about investments done this year to take care of global environmental problems. 

When it is possible, I prefer to act by myself to solve problems that may look very global from the first. Environmental responsibility is one of priority for me and my family. 

I am very happy and proud of my family because of what we did this year towards a “green investment”.  We took a very careful decision and started solar electricity production. It is exciting to follow up on solar production numbers and recognize that your use of electricity today was fully green. We also invested in a new solar water heating system. This helps us to benefit from solar energy even more. Finally, this year our family did another amazing job – we planted more than 5600 trees. That was not an easy job but it was worth it! And what a huge satisfaction in the end. 

Being one of the members of the network @icmphotomag opens new challenges where to turn my camera's focus. Why not focus my camera on environmentally friendly made solutions? Why not explore the possibility of how to present very technical solutions creative?  When I mentioned about water heating system this may be associated with technical design as first.  The pattern rhythm of the system turns your attention to the idea behind it. We can and should overlook technical issues nicely and attractive. It is one of the potential not very used ways to draw public attention to possible solutions. 

I spent some time figuring out how to shoot a very small, two-year-old tree plant. We have seen trees a lot in ICM. It is such a popular subject. But when you have about 10 - 15 cm long tree plant with few leaves only it is not easy. Here I combined my ICM technic with a multi-exposure in-camera approach. I believe I will have much more impressive photos from this new forest within each next year.