About Me

I’m Iveta Lazdina from Latvia. My way till moment to go to show photos for you is not only just an overview but a quite exciting story with some thriller elements and painful moments.

Me as model

My first introduction with photo comes from early child age when I was a top model for my relatives. As it is very often also today, I was interested and ready to support my uncle who did a lot of black & white film photos with me as the main model. Therefore, I am lucky because of that I have adorable albums from my sunshine childhood age. Even photos are black & white, I still can feel a touch of the sun coming from pictures. Sometimes I also had a chance to be in the darkroom where all the processes happen and where all images taken by camera turned in to the photography, and it was even bigger magic for me.


An essential step for me was the first KODAK semi-auto camera in 90ties. It was a period when I started to photo my children – son and daughter but not only.

I will never forget this first camera! The picture taken by this camera was included in "EXPO 2000" info desk in the Latvian pavilion in Hannover. It was about a project of waste development in the region where I was involved and proud of. Today such photo wouldn’t get high attention, but in 2000ies it was not only a significant achievement for myself but also very significant progress in Environmental management here in Latvia. I think this was the most viewed photo so far, but I hope to change this statistic with new projects very soon!

Some thriller elements

Now it's time for some thriller elements with my DSLR cameras. My first Sony DSLR remained on the Mediterranean Sea where I accidentally slipped on the stones… (but I managed to keep memory card :) ) Next Nikon was stolen… but finally the next Nikon started to bring me fantastic photos.


To start to master my camera, apply some light edits and get pictures as wish, I graduated Photo Academia in Riga with the most excellent tutor in the world Maris Kundzins (Latvia). It was a process which completely changed my understanding of photography starting from my vision, who is doing what in the process of photography, feeling of colour, composition till technical basics and tips and finally philosophy behind each photo.

You see my experience is not very easy, but I am confident we all have to pass some learnings to achieve some results!

I hope and wish you to enjoy photo!

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